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RandomAxe Record's premier artist is the Rock Band,


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Zan Burnham has been writing songs for decades. While not generally recognized, his songs are extremely well-liked by those who know his music! Popular songs of his to those in the know are far too numerous to list here. The new album, Start Where You Stand, where Zan wrote or co-wrote 10 of the album's twelve songs, however, does appear to be a new high in the quality and presentation of Zan's songs.

In addition to Zan Burnham as one of our writers, we are also proud to represent the following artists:


Philip Dessinger has been writing songs for decades. His incredibly descriptive poetry is his calling card yet he is equally adept at creating memorable melodies.

He is also a fabulous singer and performer and in demand in many of NYC's nightclubs.

Pam & Donna 1993_edited.jpg

Donna Bersch is another wonderful songwriter who can write both lyrics and music. Her incredible song, "Baby Cried" was on Zan Zone's 1995 debut, album recorded on 8-track. It is again recorded for Zan Zone's 2022 album, Start Where You Stand, and is sung by Grammy nominee, Angela Watson Modeste.

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